Scottsdale Airport Rehabilitation Project

Please read the information below regarding our temporary move to the Glendale (GEU), Chandler (KCHD), and Stellar (P19) airports.

Starting July 4th and July 5th, we will begin the process of moving all aircraft to their designated locations for the duration of the runway closure at Scottsdale Airport. We ask that all rentals taking place on July 4th return to KSDL promptly when the reservation time concludes.

All of our Cirrus aircraft and the G1000 172SP will be relocated to Glendale Airport(GEU) and all the other Cessna aircraft will be relocated predominantly to Stellar Airpark and Chandler Airport.

We appreciate everyone’s flexibility and consideration during this time. We hope to resume normal operations back at Scottsdale Airport at the end of August at the conclusion of the runway project. In the meantime, take advantage to train at these local airports and see what we have to offer! You will find that pattern-work will be refreshingly easier at these airports.

Remember, the more time spent away from flying, the more difficult it becomes to return…