Discovery Flights

– The best introduction to your pilot training is to take a Discovery Flight –

On your discovery flight, you’ll get the chance to get your hands on the controls! Your instructor will guide you through the required pre-flight inspection and prepare the aircraft for flight. Then, with the help of an instructor you will get to fly the aircraft.
Cirrus SR22
Cessna 172n
Cessna 172n
Cessna 172n
Cessna 172s
Cirrus SR22tn
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  • Cessna 152 – $189
  • Cessna 172N – $229
  • Cessna 172SP – $249
  • Cirrus SR20 – $449
  • Cirrus SR22 – $549
  • Cirrus SR22T G6 – $649

Note: All Discovery flights must be paid for in advance

Included in the discovery flight’s price are:

  • 30 minutes of ground instruction and briefing
  • 1 hour of flight time (you’ll get to fly the whole time!)
  • Instructor fees
  • Fuel fees
  • Taxes

Discovery Flights are a great opportunity to get a real feel of what it is like to be a pilot!

Fly to and see the beautiful red rock of Sedona like never before. You can make it a non-stop flight, or land and dine at the Mesa Grill located at the Sedona airport! Not only will you get to fly the aircraft the whole time, but you’ll be taking in some of the best views Arizona has to offer!


  • Cessna 172N                    $589
  • Cessna 172SP (2003)      $639
  • Cessna 172SP (2018)      $689
  • Cirrus SR20’s                   $849
  • Cirrus SR22                     $999
  • Cirrus SR22T G6             $1099

Note: All Sedona flights must be paid for in advance

Included in the Sedona discovery flight’s price are:
  • Flight time up to Sedona and back
    (you’ll get to fly the whole time!)
  • 1 hour of ground time in Sedona for lunch/dinner
  • Instructor fees
  • Fuel fees
  • Taxes​

* Lunch not included
* Weight restrictions may apply

Discovery or Sedona Flight and Gift Certificate purchase
NO Refund policy

  • Prior to reserving a Discovery or Sedona Flight, Client shall make a non-refundable advance payment.
  • Scottsdale Executive Flight Training (SEFT) acknowledges that Client is making the Advance Payment to secure the reservation of the Discovery or Sedona Flight. Client acknowledges and agrees that, except as provided herein, there are no circumstances or occurrences that will require SEFT to refund to Client all or any portion of the Advance Payment. The Advance Payment shall be applied as a credit on Client’s account that Client may redeem within a period of six months from the date the Advance Payment was made. Prices are based on current costs and therefore subject to change.
  • Gift certificates expire six (6) months after purchase. Any gift certificate redeemed after the expiration date are subject to a $55.00 service charge and the balance of current flight cost. Any gift certificates that are lost or stolen cannot be replaced. Gift certificates purchased via the website or phone will be emailed.
  • A forty eight (48) hours ONE TIME rescheduling advance notice is required or you will be subject to payment in full of the missed flight. Gift certificates are nonrefundable. Prices are subject to change without notice. All sales are final. No refunds.