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Where Professionals Fly!

Scottsdale Executive Flight Training LLC 


  • We are a PLATINUM CIRRUS TRAINING CENTER (CTC) – the only one in Arizona!
  • We have the most MODERN FLEET of Cirrus aircraft with the ONLY Garmin perspective equipped SR20's in Arizona!
  • Our facilities are second to none! Come feel the luxury of the SIGNATURE FLIGHT SUPPORT FBO.
  • We do CESSNA Flight Training, CIRRUS Flight Training, and PIPER Flight Training...On your schedule...not ours.
  • PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED AND FACTORY TRAINED INSTRUCTORS have thousands of hours instructing in advanced aircraft!
  • The latest in FAA APPROVED Flight simulation for CESSNA and CIRRUS Aircraft
  • SCOTTSDALE AIRPORT is the ideal place for pilot training–low traffic, tower controlled for safety!

"I trained at SEFT for my PPL. Although I did most of my training with Tanner Allen, whom was amazing, I also had the opportunity to fly with all of the other instructors at SEFT. All of the instructors are very professional, knowledgeable, and great to fly with. The instructors will work with your schedule and make sure you get all the flights you want. With a plethora of excellently maintained planes, a great maintenance crew, and amazing instructors, I don't believe there is a better place to train or rent an aircraft in the Phoenix area."

- Alex B. 

Please call 480-614-1166 for more information or click below

"I was impressed with the facility but even more impressed with Tanner Allen my CFI. It's been over a year from my first visit and the service is still impressive."

- Bob C.

"Great school located at one of the best FBO’s in town. Can’t wait to solo."

- Dave L.

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