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Arizona’s only Platinum Cirrus Training Center! We have a modern fleet of Cirrus aircraft and all are air conditioned and Garmin Perspective avionics equipped. Fly the most technologically advanced general aviation aircraft in the world.


There is no greater thrill or sense of accomplishment than learning how to fly. The freedom and satisfaction of flying an airplane is something you can achieve with the right training, location, and aircraft.


A Commercial Pilot License permits the holder to be compensated for flying, meaning that the pilot will now be rated to fly for hire. This license opens the door for a career in aviation as a professional pilot.

Flight Instructor Program

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor is a great option for pilots looking to gain valuable experience. Flight Instructors not only prepare students of all levels for their pilot certificates, but also conduct flight reviews, proficiency checks, and ground training sessions.

Flight Instructor initial examiner fee is approximately $1200. Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) exam is also required for flight instructor initial rating and is approximately $150. This must be passed in addition to the Flight Instructor Airplane (FIA) written exam. Both the FOI and FIA are required to be completed prior to entering into instructor initial training program and the FIA prior to instructor add on training program. FOI and FIA test prep are not included in CFI, CFII, MEI training programs, however may be added.

Get with an instructor and they can estimate the costs with you!

Instrument Pilot Program

Scottsdale Executive’s instrument program will take any pilot to a level of safety and proficiency greater than that achieved through the private pilot program. Obtaining an instrument rating will make for a better pilot, reduce insurance premiums and is more marketable, as many aviation employers require their pilots to be instrument rated.

A minimum of 40 flight hours under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) are required by the FAA. Most students take advantage of the opportunity to obtain an instrument rating while building time towards their Commercial Pilot License. This rating also requires a FAA Third Class Medical as well as an instrument pilot airplane knowledge and practical exam.

Discovery Flights

Learn How to Fly!

The best introduction to pilot training is to take a Discovery Flight where you’ll get the chance to get your hands on the controls! With the help of an instructor you will get to fly the aircraft which is a great opportunity to get a real feel of what it is like to be a pilot.

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Henri LevequeScottsdale Executive Flight Training

Absolutely first rate in every aspect. From the time I made my first call to inquire about the school to now having completed my Private Pilot and Instrument Rating, every aspect of my training was excellent. The variety of the Cirrus fleet, the cleanliness of the aircraft, the professionalism of the staff are all what you would hope they would be or more. Most importantly, my instructor Peyton Lindbloom is nothing short of awesome. Expert on Cirrus aircraft as well as the Perspective and Perspective+ avionics. Exceptionally qualified pilot including rated to fly jets, he brings a unique perspective and attention to detail that really made the learning process fun. If you want to realize your dream to fly, I cannot recommend Scottsdale Executive highly enough!

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Kevin HidalgoAwesome flight school!

Awesome flight school with friendly and knowledgeable staff! Their Cirrus fleet is meticulously maintained and their facilities are top notch! I am currently doing my Instrument training and Matt Baum is an amazing instructor. He really knows the plane inside and out and has an great grasp of teaching difficult concepts to a student like me. He gives some of the best tips and advice for flying to make sure you are a safe, efficient, and effective pilot so you can be confident when you fly. Every flight I’ve had so far has been a wonderful learning experience whilst being fun and enjoyable. Can’t recommend them enough!

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Teddy FoxHIGHEST RECOMMENDATION for Taylor Bishop!

In the summer of 2019, it was my goal to become as proficient a pilot as possible. As a brief background, I was Active Duty Navy, transferring from NFO to Pilot (essentially going from a backseater to the actual pilot) and while I had many hours of aviation experience, I had a mere 10 hours of actual flight time from years back. Before going to the Navy’s flight school, I wanted to get as much experience as possible, and do what it took to become the best pilot I could. In seeking out different flight schools and instructors, I count myself INCREDIBLY lucky to have crossed paths with CFII Taylor Bishop.

It started with simply discussing the plan of action over the phone with Taylor, explaining my situation to him, and hearing him out on realistic possibilities and expectations for getting certifications complete. From simply talking with Taylor, it was apparent that he was a personable, friendly instructor, and also extensively well-versed in not just aviation and the art of flying, but also in the FAA regulations and laws of the air. Taylor made the plan and necessary instruction/requirements clear (specifically, to obtain my PPL), and was up front with everything from costs to realistic timelines. And looking back on it, it was his guidance and experience in teaching that made the process as seamless as it was. Taylor was always on top of the minimums and requirements I needed in order to take my checkride on the condensed timeline we’d discussed, and ensured that they were all planned and executed in accordance with the FAR as well as safe and logical. There were so many small administrative portions of the certification that I may have missed, but thanks to Taylor, it was concern I never had to worry about.

When it came to his knowledge of aviation concepts, Taylor clearly kept himself ‘current’ in the conceptual intelligence of every facet of flying, from flight theories, to different weather phenomena, systems knowledge, etc. He was able to impart that understanding on me, and demonstrated incredible ability to convey concepts in various different teaching methods, whether he was drawing system mechanics on the whiteboard, demonstrating a sideslip landing technique with a model plane and runway, or providing different helpful mnemonics for standard FAA VFR requirements. We all learn in different ways, and with Taylor as an instructor, I am confident that any learning style will be able to grasp the teachings he provides.

What many mostly care about—his abilities as a Flight Instructor—wow, I was stunned with the professionalism, patience, and ability of Taylor. It is amazing to see where I started out, having trouble getting the plane on the ground without bouncing in calm conditions, to where I reached just one month later, as Taylor provided the tutelage I needed to pass my PPL checkride. Sure, I could rave on and on about how awesome Taylor was as an instructor, while keeping us safe, giving me proper techniques, etc—but I think a pertinent story is much more useful to demonstrate how valuable Taylor as was an instructor: In the days leading up to my checkride, the flights honestly weren’t going great. I had what would have been my final flight beforehand, with Taylor, and thing just weren’t pristine. While he could have let me go in to the exam regardless, with perhaps a 50/50 shot of passing, Taylor instead worked with the flight school to schedule an extra flight for me the following morning at 5 AM –not even with him, due to prior booking—to get additional practice before making a call. Long story short, the flight went excellently, I felt good about it, and Taylor signed me off to take the checkride, which I passed. To me, this anecdote exhibits so many traits of what makes Taylor a fantastic instructor. He A) Was honest and candid about our own mock checkride not being quite good enough, B) Was unselfish and sought my best interest when he took his time to arrange another plane availability for more practice for me—again, as he was not available, with a different instructor; ie, to no profit of his own!; and C) Empowered me to make the call on my checkride when I felt great about it, instilling confidence in me to go forth and conquer. It’s a sequence of events that I’ll never forget, and I owe Taylor all the thanks in the world for his direct contribution in making the success happen.

To anybody fortunate enough to work with Taylor Bishop, I am truly stoked for you--- you’re going to receiver only the utmost effort from an instructor who was willing to show up at literally any time of the day (a few early 4:30 AM days!) and put in his time and energy to support me in achieving my goals. Whether I was looking for more flight lessons, referring an instructor for a friend or family member, or even looking for a business partner based off work ethic and dedication alone; I would not hesitate for a second to give my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION for Taylor Bishop!

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John GibsonPrivate and Instrument Training

Over the past year I have done my private and instrument training in a Cirrus at SEFS. I was so pleased with my private pilot training I did not even consider going somewhere else for my Instrument training. Carl May, Chief Pilot was my primary instructor and Peyton Lindbloom was my instructor when Carl had a conflict. Both of them were excellent instructors and made the journey fun and rewarding. When Carl signed me off for my check ride and written test I knew I was prepared and ready for the challenge. I am retired and always wanted to fly but didn't have the time. Both of my instructors were patient and took the time needed to fully prepare me for the PPL and Instrument rating. Young or old I would recommend that you talk to Carl if you are considering embarking on your aviation goals. I don't think you will go wrong. Thank you to Guy the owner and all his great staff. -John

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