Redbird TD2 Flight Simulator


The Redbird TD2 is an approved Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD). It can be used to simulate normal procedures, emergency situations, or instrument flying conditions for the purposes of training towards a rating or to maintain proficiency. This flight simulator is also a great tool for instrument rated pilots to retain currency with instrument approach requirements. The FAA allows for a learning pilot to use an approved BATD for the following:

  • Simulated flight time allowable for Private Pilot License: 2.5 hours
  • Simulated flight time allowable for an Instrument Rating: 10 hours
  • Simulated Flight time allowable for a Commercial Pilot Rating: 37.5 hours
    (50 total simulation hours accumulated)
  • Rate: $55

** Flight simulator must be rented with an instructor

Requirements / Minimums:

  • Student Pilot Certificate or Higher
  • Received a flight simulator orientation from an instructor or staff member in order to rent without and instructor

Regular rate: $55
Primary instructor rate: $75
Commercial and CFI instructor rate: $85


At Scottsdale Flight Training (SEFT) we primarily rent to our current and former students; however we do rent to qualified pilots on a limited basis after completing a checkout with one of our instructors.

Aircraft rentals are subject to availability and there is no guarantee that the aircraft will be available on the day you choose due to maintenance or scheduling conflicts.

SEFT encourages you to contact us when considering or prior to reserving the aircraft that exceeds 24 hours and/or is intended to go outside of Arizona. Renters are reminded that if they are reserving the aircraft under these scenarios, it will be handled on a case-by-case basis, prior written approval is required by contacting our offices at 480-614-1166 and are subject to the discretion of SEFT.

Renters insurance is also required in the amount of $20,000 for Hull coverage liability. This insurance can be obtained through Avemco, AOPA, or similar aviation insurance carriers. This insurance protects you as the operator of the aircraft and is in your name. This insurance is good in any aircraft you rent and can be obtained on a yearly basis.