CESSNA 152 N47029


The Cessna 152 is a very popular and economical training aircraft. N47029 is fully IFR certified and a great and economical way to do your private and instrument training.​
Empty Weight: 1176.86
CG: 31.81
Empty Moment: 37438.70
Regular Rate: $84 Dry
Block Rate: $79 Dry


  • Newly updated paint job, panel and seats
  • Garmin 430GPS
  • IFR equipped
  • Carbureted
  • 110HP
  • 5-6 gallons/hour
  • Full fuel useful load of 350 pounds

Requirements / Minimums:

  • Cessna 152 Checkout with Scottsdale Executive
  • Student Pilot Certificate or Higher
  • Received appropriate written endorsements (solo or cross-country) of the students log book for solo flight
  • * Headsets can be rented for a fee. Bose $10 per day, and David Clark $5 per day.

Note: Max weight per occupant per seat: 200lbs (Total pilot and passenger weight cannot exceed 350lbs).