Scottsdale Flight Training
8014 E McClain, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260


Scottsdale Flight Training’s accelerated 10 day CFI course is designed to guide CFI candidates through ground school, flight training, and checkride prep.

The course will cover aerodynamics, performance, FOi, systems, and a thorough breakdown of the FAR/AIM. The CFI candidates will also teach each other and current students to gain experience. They will then be able to share feedback on lesson plans and presentations to further enhance their teaching abilities.
Checkrides will be scheduled for the week following completion of the CFI course. Completion of the CFI course will prepare the candidate to instruct other pilots towards their goals while also logging hours and gaining experience towards their own goals!

Ground School: 60 hours total

  • 40 hours led by Jay Turnbull
  • 20 hours led by Stephanie Miller

Flight Training: 8-15 hours (as need basis)


1. FOi & FIA written exams completed
2. Lesson plans complete


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