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Scottsdale Executive offers the following Cirrus Standardized Training Programs 


Cirrus Private Pilot Course
Cirrus Instrument Pilot Course
Cirrus Combined Private and Instrument Course

  • (Complete both private and instrument in one checkride)​

Transition Training (VFR Emphasis) 

  • 5-10 hours of flight time
  • Teach you to fly the technologically advanced Cirrus aircraft in VFR condition

Advance Transition Training (IFR Emphasis) 

  • 5-10 hours of flight time
  • Teach you to fly the technologically advanced Cirrus aircraft in IFR conditions

Perspective Upgrade Training (VFR and IFR) 

  • For Cirrus Pilots upgrading to the Garmin Perspective Avionics

Airframe/Power Plant Upgrade 

  • For Cirrus pilots upgrading into Turbo or Turbo-normalized aircraft
  • Learn Engine Management Techniques, high altitude flight planning and weather, use of supplemental oxygen, and emergency procedures

CAPS (Parachute) Training 

  • All pilots flying a Cirrus aircraft should complete formal CAPS training
  • Be more confident that you will use the CAPS properly if the necessity arises

Airmanship Refresher 

  • Be better prepared to handle situation that can arise in flight
  • Hone your aircraft control skills

You can also expand your capabilities and comfort level in our FAA approved simulator. 

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Where Professionals Fly!

When you choose to fly a Cirrus aircraft, you choose to fly the most technologically advanced  general aviation aircraft in the world. We ensure that our aircraft are the best equipped with every subscription available: Active Traffic, On Board Weather Service, Safe Taxi Assist, Navigation databases and approach charts which are always up-to-date and ready for your use. These high-tech advanced aircraft are integrated and should be trained on from day one. We ensure that all of our instructors here at Scottsdale Executive Flight Training are current on factory approved Cirrus Standardized Training. Is it expensive for us? You bet! This is what sets Scottsdale Executive apart from the other training facilities. Some of our aircraft are close to $900,000.00 and are equipped to reflect that price. Your investment in flight training should reflect the best money can buy from factory trained instructors using the latest technology. Call us today and see what makes us different from the rest!

Cirrus Pilots

Cirrus Flight Training

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