2012 Cirrus SR22T N877AG

​Regular Rate $329 Dry
Block $299 Dry

Touch Trainer Sim

Regular Rate $50/hr

Block $99/hr (cessna) w/Instructor

$129/hr (cirrus) w/Instructor

Cessna 172N N6254D

​Regular Rate $89 Dry
Block $79 Dry

Cessna 172N N6513D

​Regular Rate $99 Dry
Block $89 Dry

2010 Cirrus SR20 N196MC

​Regular Rate $229 Dry
Block $209 Dry

2012 Cirrus SR22T N224KG

​Regular Rate $329 Dry
Block $299 Dry

2010 Cirrus SR20 N496KG

​Regular Rate $229 Dry
Block $209 Dry

Piper Arrow N6952J

​Regular Rate $129 Dry
Block $124 Dry

2016 Cirrus SR22T N877AC

​Regular Rate $399 Dry

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Where Professionals Fly!

2015 Cirrus SR22 N915TD

​Regular Rate $279 Dry
Block $249 Dry

Aircraft Rentals

Redbird G1000 Sim

Regular Rate $50/hr

Block $99/hr w/Instructor

Cirrus SR20 N5024E

​Regular Rate $159 Dry
Block $149 Dry

Instructor Rates:

$70/hr primary Instruction

$80/hr Commercial/CFI Training

$100/hr CIrrus instruction

Cessna 172S G1000 N6023V

​Regular Rate $125 Dry
Block $115 Dry

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